Simple aubergine rolls

Eggplant rolls

It seems autumn is comming, in spite of this eggplant season is in full swing. My favorite dish with this vegetable cooking very quickly.


Cut eggplant into slices, then fry in olive oil and lay out on a paper towel to soak up excess fat. Mix the cream cheese (I used cottage cheese), sour cream, garlic and herbs. Put the cheese mass on the edge of the piece and roll. Hooray, the dish is ready! :)
By the way, I tried to cut the eggplant in two ways – with a knife and a slicer. In the first case, the slices are thicker, so eggplant taste more distinct. With use of slicer pieces of aubergine are almost transparent due to this taste is very delicate.

Eggplant rolls

Photographer Maria Komar